Our Refund Policy


If you'd like to cancel your subscription:

It is our hope that you will stay on the program to help us get through this time, but if you need to, you can cancel at anytime for a refund of the amounts unused. We know life is crazy and unpredictable right now and we don't want to create any further issues. Ice cream is about happiness, not stress.

As a club member you're free too pause or cancel your subscription as well as skip any upcoming monthly orders. You can skip as many months as you'd like while on an active subscription. You can also pause your subscription, which will keep your account paused for as long as you need. This will ensure that you still have an account when you wish to start up your subscription again.To pause, skip or cancel your subscription, see please visit our FAQ page.


If you'd like to return any filled pint(s) for any reason:

If you're not happy with our ice cream for any reason, we would be happy to refund you the cost (less the jar deposit) and you can still keep the ice cream! 


Our jars return policy:

We will gladly take back any empty jars during delivery and give back your $1 deposit for each jar. Just leave your pints out by the door and we'll take them back and refund your $1 either via cash or credit.

Our loonies will be prepackaged and sealed to ensure everything remains sanitary and safe, while credit cards deposits will be done by our team online so there's no need to pull our your cards. Just let our drivers know that you'd like the deposit via credit.You should see the jar deposit amounts back in your card in 3-10 business days.