Hildegard's Bakery Pizza

Hildegard's Bakery pizza dough is naturally fermented overnight (or longer) with a combination of organic white flour and organic fresh-milled Kamut semolina, then tossed, topped, and baked with live fire at a hearth temperature of about 600-650F. The crusts are somewhere in between Neapolitan wood-fired style, New Haven apizza, and traditional New York coal-fired style, but with a mild sourdough tang. 

They use locally made Bothwell and Chaeban Artisan cheeses (except for the imported Parmesan) and exclusively source local grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, along with local farm-direct veggies when seasonally appropriate.

Hildegard's Bakery also do vegan pizza! They make their own melty, non-plasticky cashew-based mozza and a spicy gluten-based seitan pepperoni.