You could say that Joseph Chaeban has Gruyère genes. As a second-generation cheesemaker, he learned the secret to creating exceptional artisanal cheese from his father, Daham.

Some of Joseph’s earliest memories are from Northern Africa where his family ran Fromagerie Chaeban, a premium, European-style cheese plant and cheese shop. Every morning he’d creep into the aging room to grab an entire wheel of Camembert for breakfast. It wasn’t just eating the cheese that he loved, it was the whole process of creating the cheese; all the planning and the problem solving that went into crafting this living organism.

Chaeban Artisan takes Joseph’s skill for cheese making and pairs it with the fresh, premium ingredients. Whether it’s making smooth, spreadable Labneh or crafting the wash and rind of hard cheese, Joseph puts in a passion you can taste.

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